Urgent / Sensitive & Expedite Loads 

At Alcaline handling time-sensitive transports is what we do best. 
For the last 30 years we have understood the importance of giving our customers a true time frame for their expedite shipment, giving the customer a realistic solution and offer complete clarity of how the process will take place and offer a full breakdown of how we are able to achieve this service. 
We are realistic to your expectations we believe our service is second to none. 
We offer a 24/7/365 service with a constant online tracking and update process and a bespoke personal “one to one” experience. 
Our expert staff are able to locate resources that are able to meet your needs and are on constant stand-by to ensure that your goods are collected and delivered on time , every time. 
We have access to multi-mode transport methods and have easy access to every mode of transport available 
Hand-carry personal service 
Fast Courier service (Small van to large HGV Articulated vehicle) 
Specialist small vehicle service 
All large Expedite vehicles are company owned equipment – your goods will not be outsourced, all time critical Transports are carried out by vetted vehicles and trained drivers 
Response time within 15 minutes from enquiry 
Multi-Double-team crews for non-stop service 
Cross-dock facilities throughout Europe 
Large Handling equipment to cope with any Lifting requirement 
We will collect and deliver your consignment as soon as possible using the most suitable vehicle with the right level of capacity that your goods require. 
VIP Transfer & Corporate Charter Service using all available aircraft types – call for an immediate quote. 
Email : airfreight@alcaline.uk.com or call on 01303 233500 
Emergency 24 hours number 07977 465971 

Our helicopter Q&A 

In order to be able to provide you with an accurate offer, we need the following information from you: Freight dimensions, freight weight, pick-up time, pick-up location and delivery location and time. 
Of course! We'll take care of everything. We collect your freight directly from your chosen location (Subject to landing conditions and authorisation) if not we are able to organise to collect your goods and get them to our HQ and organise the handling and reloading into our helicopter. 
In addition to our helicopter, we can of course also book a fixed wing Transportation tailored to your freight. We will find the right aircraft for your needs. 
We have a general landing permit, which allows us to land almost anywhere with the land owner's consent. Of course there are restrictions and requirements for the landing field. We will coordinate these with you. A landing on your factory/company premises can thus usually take place without any problems. If it is not possible to land directly with you, we always look for the nearest suitable landing site. We also take care of ground transportation to the final destination. 
You can reach us 24hrs a day our Air Cargo emergency number: 01303 233500 or 07977 465971. 
You can reach us 24/7 365 days a year. 
Our AS355 is IFR and night flight certified. Therefore, we can also deliver your freight at night. 
After full written confirmation and arrival of your freight, it will normally take us about 45 minutes to get the helicopter on its way to you. 
In the case of air transport, the lead time depends on the location of the aircraft. Our team will inform you about the exact lead time and flight time in advance. 
Usually the aircraft will be able to take off and cover a distance of 450kms, if we have to go further our staff will be able to advise the extra time required to refuel. 
Depending on the wind direction, approximately 600 to 650kms. 
Of course. 
We will be in the air for you within 45 minutes from receiving your written confirmation and payment. 
Yes, we can see where your freight is at all times. We can report the current status of your shipment to you on a regular basis during the flight. 
Yes, we can do that. However, this is associated with greater effort. The landing area must of course be sufficiently illuminated and the weather conditions must permit this special type of use. 
Yes, that's possible. We have bespoke containers built to carry your shipment. There are limits in size and weight of what we are able to carry. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you with the limitations. 
We are of course happy to support you at any time with the customs clearance of your freight. 
Subject to availability and weather conditions, this is not to be generalized, please contact us for an immediate quote 

 "I would like to say thanks to you and everyone at Alcaline for the fantastic service that we have received  throughout the time that you have been operating for us."  

"I would like to say thanks to you and everyone at Alcaline for the fantastic service that we have received throughout the time that you have been operating for us." 

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