Vehicles & Equipment

Our company currently operates a large fleet,170 of which are based around europe.

All of our vehicles are latest models and our overall coverage within Europe together with our sub contract partners is extensive.


Our trailers are of high specification, being extra light, on air suspension, and fitted with tear resistant curtains. The standard trailer therefore has a pay load of 25 tonnes and a 92 cubic metre capacity. We also run mega trailers with 104 cubic metres, road trains with 120 and also Coil Carriers with a well length of 9.5 metres.

The entire fleet is covered by a 24 hour European breakdown service with a guaranteed response time of 3 hours. In the rare occurrence of major failure, a replacement vehicle is supplied, limiting the risk of late deliveries to a minimum.

Our high quality on the road is replicated in our control centre in Kent. Our 24 hour cover has vision of progress of all equipment via the latest GPS tracking system down to street location, with voice or text communication. We can access the data in several ways and can monitor progress of all vehicles from our base. We can inform you real time, the exact status of your shipment so you know precisely when you can expect your delivery. We can offer customers limited access to this facility, hence via a web browser and password, you could dial in to locate your load.

In addition to the above, we have live camera links to critical areas of Europe illustrating weather conditions, traffic delays at the Alps tunnels for instance, which we relay back to the drivers advising them of the nature of the situation and instructing them where applicable, to alter their route.

Vehicles and Equipment

Our Equipment

All our vehicles and trailers have full air suspension, our trailers are extra light with a payload of 25 tonnes holding 92 cubic metres and have tear resistent curtains. The dimensions of the trailers are 255W x 13.6L x 270H.

We are also able to offer Mega trailers with 104 cubic metres capacity, Roadtrains with 120 cubic metres capacity and Coil Carriers with 9,50 metre well length.


  • "Just a quick note to once again thank you and your team for their professionalism and support during this very sensitive job."
  • "You have been classified in CLASS A and your final score is 100%”
  • "I would like to say thanks to you and everyone at Alcaline for the fantastic service that we have received throughout the time that you have been operating for us."
  • "May I use this opportunity to thank you for your support on this account thus far. Our friends are extremely demanding and there was not a single issue raised against any of the work you carry out on our behalf. I would take this as a compliment !!"
  • "You meet all the requirements for our Company and are an example towards other companies."
  • "on a parting note, II still think you guys are one of the most professional and organised outfits on the market, or certainly that we deal with."

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